I thought it would be really rude not to write in my blog today! A year ago exactly since we moved to The Royal Oak! Can you believe it!! And what a year! I haven’t been able to blog as regularly as I would have liked, but that’s a really good thing, we have been too busy!!

So a year in, I can safely say that this has been the best decision we have ever made! It was such a difficult choice to carry on with our dream regardless of all the knocks and bruises on the way, but on reflection it is clear that the age old saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ really does ring true!

A year into the business, we have a strong set of figures reflecting the growth in sales. We feel like we have made an impact on a beautiful old pub for the better, giving it a new lease of life. Improvements still need to be made so that is something we plan on working on this year. We have a great team behind us here at The Royal Oak, every single one of them is fabulous and gives us their all. We have been so lucky to find them all and I promise we will organise our Christmas Party really, really soon!!!!

We have settled into our new community both in Over Stratton ad South Petherton where the kids go to school. We have new friends and neighbours that give us a wave whenever we are out in the car. My parents are 5 minutes walk away so fully ensconced in the life of the kids and the pub! I have new pals to go running with, have a coffee or a glass of wine with, or even escape the pub with on a good night!! Not to mention the book club! Ian is slowly taking time out of the kitchen to explore the countryside with Alfie & Pippin and even makes it out to play pool on the odd occasion!

Thank you Royal Oak and Over Stratton for being there for us when we really, really needed you!!! We are so glad to call you home.

A few exciting things happening over the next few weeks. Tonight we have the Hall & Woodhouse Annual Awards, for which we are nominated as Best Newcomer (finger’s crossed).
Last night we became number 1 of 8 restaurants in South Petherton on TripAdvisor, a momentous occasion! A really nice way to round of the year.

Sunday is Mothers Day so a big day for us all here.

Next week sees the arrival of another new addition to the family, a new puppy!! Madness I know but we love a challenge! Ian will certainly have his hands full with this one! We also see the return of my folks who have been off sunning themselves for 6 weeks in Oz….we have all missed them terribly, so it will be great to have them back. It is also Murray’s 3rd Birthday (wow!) so I have to make a dinosaur cake and get some balloons!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to us and thank you all for your support x


One thought on “WHAT A YEAR!

  1. So pleased for you all-well deserved success. We love calling in Tom see you and eat Ian’s delicious food. I’m hoping we will be able to that again soon!


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