Christmas is Coming….

I felt I had to share my festive spirit with you all!

We have been to see the kids in their school nativity today and it was so lovely, it has filled me with festive cheer! Molly was Mary and delivered her very important line word (6 words) perfectly! Murray was hay bale number 4 and was the cutest as could be, fooling everyone into thinking he was an actual angel! His star moves were second to none and rather like a power ranger now I come to think of it! In essence I was so pleased to see them both so settled and confident in their new environments, part of a real community! And we welcomed new neighbours into the house opposite today, so I feel like we have gone full circle!

As we approach our first Christmas I dont think Ian and I could be happier with how things are going. Feedback is good, bookings are fab! We are busy, busy, busy! Our staff are doing a great job that we are confidently leaving them in charge for a few days in January. Christmas in The Royal Oak is pretty well organised! We have carols happening on Sunday and a live band next Saturday! We have visitors for Christmas and I think all gifts have been brought, but certainly not wrapped! I havent done my Christmas cards but am hopeful I will get them out this week!!! Hah! Mum and Dad are filling in at the nativity tomorrow and taking the kids to see the Big FC on Saturday! Alex is in charge on Christmas eve, but Im sure I will be able to escape to tuck them in! So although we arent doing it all with the kids, we are managing a big chunk! I get to go to Muzzys Christmas party and some kind of decorating at school with Molly.

I do feel like we are starting to strike a bit more of a balance.

We shall see what January brings, after a fantastic week in the sun, just the 4 of us!

In case I dont get to write again before the madness commences, which seems very likely, Merry Christmas everyone! For us, it is a much happier one than last year and we feel very lucky to be where we are surrounded by new friends and family! We have loved hearing from all our old friends and all the visits (please let that continue!) and we have been  so supported by you all so thank you so so much and lots of love



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