I have been offline!!

Oh wow! Its been forever! Which is great news because we have been busy!

So the last time I wrote was August….AUGUST! So much has happened since then. Molly had a birthday (she is now 6!), we had the summer holidays (got through still sane, well relatively). Our lovely au pair went home. The kids went back to school and Muz changed into a more normal human being (sort of). I had a birthday, I wont tell you how old I am. My parents moved to Over Stratton, life became so much easier, everyone is HAPPY! I went on my cousins hen do! It was amazing and I have recovered (just)!

And the pub…..the pub has been so busy. We literally didn’t stop all Summer. Although exhausting, it was fabulous. I think we were blown away with it! We expected a huge dive when the kids went back to school and thanks to a nice mild September/October we were happily surprised that this didn’t happen. We had a great little Halloween party that Molly loved. Day to day business is holding up. Although the last 2 weeks have been our quietest its all in the budget so no panicking!!! We have made it to mid November and last night (Tuesday) we had 27 people in for dinner so we really cant complain!

The team has gone from strength to strength. We have a great front of house team who are now taking on the running of the quieter shifts and even the busy ones when I’m off! The kitchen boys are all working really hard and achieving great things! Even allowing Ian a bit of time off. Today they are prepping for our Mexican night, it smells delicious. We have a whole weekend off coming up for another family wedding in the North! And I am so confident in their ability and desire to have a fab weekend with out us, its such a good feeling.

I cant believe we have been here 8 months. Its just been a complete whirlwind, but I am so proud of what we have all achieved together. It feels like we are all right where we need to be. The kids are happy, my parents are here with us, the pub is going great guns. Ian has worked his behind off to get to where we are and is in desperate need of a bit of down time before Christmas. The wedding could not have come at a better time. Bookings for December are mounting up and Christmas Day has been fully booked for 6 weeks. Christmas shopping is in full swing, but more importantly a holiday has been booked for January!! We are looking forward to seeing some friendly faces in the next month or so,  we have been terrible at staying in touch, I hope you all understand why and we promise to do better. But there is always a beer and a hot meal for anyone that wants a visit to beautiful Somerset and our wonderful home!


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