Spanish night success

Last night was our very first foodie theme night! It was a great success! The boys & the girls in the kitchen worked so hard over the hottest days of the year creating some delicious treats for all our customers! Ian worked tirelessly to get it all ready and I have to say, the food was blinking awesome! We fed nearly 50 people & it was a really postitve night. So what next? Maybe another Spanish night or we might think of a different theme, watch this space.

Sunday saw our second car club meet & brunch. 45 people came to eat, followed by a busy Fathers Day lunch, a great day had by all.

We had visitors. Sandra spent the whole weekend with us and was put to work, watching the kids, walking the dog & working behind the bar! She was a legend & so nice to have a chum about. Saturday we had Flimz & Marlon for the day & it was so lovely to see them. They were all suitably impressed with our new ‘gaff’ and loved the area. It seems we are not the only ones who think Over Stratton is a hidden gem!

In other news Quiche is doing well. I know you are all waiting for news on him. We managed to have a few holds and have cleaned him out. No more savage attacks and Alf hasn’t tried to eat him…yet! Muz has been put off holding him unless he is in his plastic ball, I’m convinced he will throw him downstairs, so I am watching him like a hawk!

I have been out on 2 coffee dates this week, check me out! So nice to get out and have a chat that isn’t pub related. There is life beyond The Royal Oak! So apart from melting, freezers & fridges not being able to cope, broken sunglasses & overgrown gardens…..all is well!


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