Quiche has arrived….

So a rather exciting few days at The Royal Oak! After a up and down weekend business wise, Molly came home from school with a ‘Star of the week’ certificate! She was chuffed to bits with herself & I have to say I was very proud! She has been a super star over the trauma of the last few years. She has manned up & got on with everything that we have thrown at her. So, the rash promise I made before leaving Milton Keynes, of a hamster could no longer be put off. We toddled off to Pets at Home and found Quiche, our lovely new hamster! He is quite cute but so far has bitten everyone (apart from me) and we haven’t managed to get him out of his cage! Murray, not feeling 100% was savaged last night and bled everywhere-who knew a hamster could do such damage! Hey ho, its early days, I’m sure in time he will be an integral part of Team Street!

I also managed to shut my phone in the roof of the car and so have been without for a few days, which is pretty much like losing a limb. I haven’t been able to listen to The Archers, so who knows what’s going on! my new phone arrives today and it is gold.

Next week is a busy one for us! We have the arrival of a friend tomorrow from Ashton (the old Pub) and a visit from Flimz who used to work for us! Also we have brunch and Fathers Day (still a few tables left for those who have forgotten!) on Sunday. And the first of our foodie theme nights on Wednesday. Spanish night a go go! Then of course the second quiz Sunday week! Plenty to keep us busy, what with swimming lessons starting & Quiche to look after I think we are set for a full on week of it! And the sun is shining in beautiful Somerset!!!



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