You may have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while. This is mainly due to my crappy internet service, faulty computer and the destruction of our office. I would love to say that its all fixed, alas no! The office is still a war zone-the computer fully died and the replacement has caused me no end of grief! But on a positive note the internet (although a fairly weak signal and a bit intermittent-i’m told deal with it this is Somerset!) is working and the amazing Peter has got the new set of boosters up & running! Hurrah!

The main feeling over the last week or so has been FRUSTRATION! I have been frustrated trying to get things sorted and as a result I have achieved absolutely nothing! I am trying to deal with the chaos but it is getting to me at this point. I just want to get all the office systems in place so I can get on with running the pub. Alas, there are obstacles at every turn. A day in the office today has resulted in me writing my Blog!

Never mind… will come!

Last week was 1/2 term and we had a poorly Muz. Although he didn’t seem too bothered he had a hideous skin infection that we now seem to be on top of after a second trip to the doctor. We still managed to have a great time with Granny & Grandad here for the weekend and a day out at Bristol Zoo. Then a day out in Bristol looking at the SS Briton with Tom & Lar, after their first visit to the Royal Oak. Ian took the kids to Exmouth on Thursday after Molly had her very own French Open experience at the Tennis Club. And then Gaga & Far arrived for the weekend. We also had a surprise visit from the Kingdoms. Molly’s best friends from Hanslope. It was great to see them all and Mol was blown away. So by back to school yesterday they were both exhausted! Both went happily back so phew…..

The pub was busy and we had lots of happy customers. We had some great weather and some truly horrendous weather! We had our first wake that went off without a hitch, a stupendous first quiz night and a record breaker of a day! Apart from the frustrating and boring admin side of things it has been a great month or so! We also saw our first breakfast/brunch that was fairly well attended. Next up, Spanish night!

Now that I have an office (sort of), a pretty well functioning computer and an internet connection the best that I can hope for in Somerset I will be more present on my blog, you lucky things!




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