10 weeks down….

Another fabulous week last week, with a record breaking Sunday! Serving 110 meals! The sun was out and Somerset was beautiful. Molly started tennis & gymnastics, Murray was ever so jealous. We went out to Street to buy school shoes & eat pizza. We even managed to sit and watch Rouge One without the kids! That’s right the TV is up and running on the internet. At last BT connected us and with the help of Peter’s booster we are blissfully happy watching Netflix! So some kind of normality is ensuing here at The Royal Oak. We have had some great new customers, with such fabulous comments and supportive attitudes. We are up to 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor. Hurrah!

We have been without parents and in laws for about 3 weeks, so starting to feel a bit lonely, but lunch out with a new friend and a evening of book club helped a lot. Mum is coming Friday and we have a visit from my Granny and Aunties to look forward to next week.

1/2 term is fast approaching but the answer to all my prayers is starting on Wednesday. A lovely lady in the village is going to help with the kids! Yippee! She is amazing and Muz is a big fan so things should be a little less manic! Haha!

Ian is good, working hard and keeping the EHO happy who visited last week and gave us 5*. We also had a visit from the Health Visitor (for Murray), Somerset is getting to know us.

Next week we are closing on Monday as the brewery are coming to sort out our floors and the office so that is super duper exciting! Hopefully we can get on track with the back of house after that! At the moment it is carnage! Hey ho!


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