BT are taking over my life!

Much brighter! I was invited for coffee yesterday and a good old natter with a new friend. She was so kind and welcoming even if Muz was a grumpy snot bag! And the customers are coming in! We had a good lunch time and a not too terrible evening and everyone seemed very happy with the new menu! Good times!

On the other hand me and BT are not getting anywhere very fast. Having emailed the CEO I thought a resolution was on its way. However, most recent news is that the order for my broadband has been cancelled and I am being harassed by their accounts office to pay a bill that I has a load of extra services I haven’t signed up to. The incompetence is completely unbelievable and at every turn I hear stories from others who have received the same horrendous service. Yet they are still getting away with it and no doubt making millions….what a joke! I am currently waiting to hear from Jo…..nightmare! It is indeed taking over my life. My son just wants to be able to watch Peppa Pig on Netflix, is that too much to ask in this day and age?

Mum and Dad are in Tallin this week so we have Pip to stay, naughty Pip. They are back here Sunday. We have uncle Nick and Enya visiting (i think) and Grace coming to help in the kitchen, so a full house! The kids have a new babysitter starting Saturday, hallelujah! Apart from BT we are getting ever closer to some form of ‘normal’! School is going well and I may even escape to join the book club next Wednesday!



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