Settling down to life in Somerset

7 weeks today! In some ways it feels like a lifetime but in others only a matter of days! After a great Easter and an escape back to Milton Keynes for my brothers wonderful wedding! We have had a quiet post bank holiday week or so and a chance for a bit of cleaning and a bit of reflection on the madness of the last 7 weeks. New menus have been written, website content has been submitted! New sofas arrived yesterday (hurrah!) and even washing is getting done. Mum and Dad were here for the weekend which was awesome and they have now headed off to Tallin for the weekend, we have naughty Pippin in the mix! The kids are marvellous. Murray has at last started sleeping (mostly) so I am getting more than 3 hours sleep a night which is definetley helping. Molly is happy to be back at school, although I have just remember we have forgotten to organise her bit for collective worship at school tomorrow! Feeling like a failing parent far too much of the time at the moment. But they are clean, they are being fed, they are healthy and they are getting to school on time!

We have had such a great start at the pub that a few quiet days and a bit of feedback from some regular customers (too much fish on the menu(?), not enough choice, they wont be coming back) has left me feeling a bit flat. We are responding with a larger menu and a extended lunchtime offer, but I just know that what we are doing is the right thing! Fresh food, great suppliers, cooked fresh, by Ian and his team in house, served to the table by decent waiting staff who care about what they are doing! Its so hard to take any kind of criticism when you are so invested in what you do. I guess I just need to man up! A little bit emotional about it all! I guess its all a bit exposing, starting again, from scratch, somewhere new! Anyway tomorrow is a new day and we have new menus to plough on with and a new website launching at the end of the week! How exciting is that!

On the plus side, Im kinda skinny! Long may it last!




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